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  1. ______  Thanks to a grant from the Turner-Dumbrell Foundation, the Ditchling Database - housing the results of 10 years' research - is to be given a new user-friendly interface. This will greatly assist members in inputting data and will at the same time become a unique resource for all those interested in the study of the long and fascinating history of our village.

  2. _____  Ditchling History Project was formed in 1999 by the Friends of Ditchling Museum to research and interpret the Museum’s social history archive.  In 2011 much of this archive was deposited at the East Sussex Record Office and DHP was constituted as an independent organisation.  Members continue to research and encourage an interest in all aspects of Ditchling’s past.      

    Our key aims are to promote and encourage study and research into the history of Ditchling which will be made accessible through talks, presentations and publications and will be added to our substantial Ditchling Database.