A Ditchling Winter's Tale - Ice and Snow

In recent years heavy snowfalls have caused considerable disruption but in the past Ditchling had three snow ploughs - one on the grass verge opposite North End Farm, the second at Glynn's Garage and the third at the top of the Droveway.

Hilary Bourne, (1909 – 2004) was a boarder at North End House School in Ditchlng and remembers,

 “At school we were frozen in the winter.  We had to break the ice on the water before we could wash and of course we had chilblains on our hands, toes and heels…we had candles in wire cages with which to go to bed.  There was gas laid on downstairs but there was no electricity until 1921.”

Years later but in a similar vein, the log book for the Village School in the 1940s recorded very low attendances, especially in the winters of 1940, '41, '42 and '45, mainly due to frozen pipes but also because of measles, coughs and colds.  In each of these years the school either had extended Christmas holidays or was closed some time in January and February.